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Plant-Based French Bread Pizzas

This is the best Plant-Based French Bread Pizza Recipe to make for dinner! It’s a nostaglic, vegan-friendly pizza made with crispy ciabatta bread, lots of colorful veggies like green peppers, red onions and black olives and topped with homemade chickpea sausage. Everyone will love these crispycheesy French bread pizzas!


By Nikki Vegan

I love making pizzas at home in the regular oven, and even though I dream of having a fancy pizza oven like this one one day, you don’t need any special equipment to make these tasty French bread pizzas at home.

Instead of using mock meat a store-bought vegan cheese, I make homemade chickpea sausage seasoned with dried fennel, garlic and smoked paprika. And the DIY vegan cheese is about as easy as it gets! Simply blend cashews, miso and spices with a little bit of cornstarch and viola! You have the perfect cheese sauce to pour over the veggies and sausage.

As the pizza bakes, the cheese sauce thickens and creates a perfectly gooey, cheesy topping that compliments the veggies and hearty tomato sauce.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Cheese for Pizza

You will need cashews, almond milk, nutritional yeast, miso paste, onion granules, salt and cornstarch. Blend it up and ta-daa! A cheesy sauce that will look a little bit thin when you pour it onto the pizza, but don’t worry, it thickens and sets as it bakes and creates the perfect cheesy topping for this French bread pizza. No store-bought cheese required.

You’ll only need a 6 simple ingredients to make the chickpea sausage!

Chickpeas – packed with protein, iron and fiber

Olive Oil – add richness and moisture to the chickpeas

Dried Fennel – fennel has a mild anise flavor that can be used in sweet or savory recipes

Minced Garlic – garlic and fennel is match made in Heaven! The combo is part of what gives Italian -Style sausage its distinctive flavor

Smoked Paprika – adds smokiness and depth to the chickpea sausage

Salt and Pepper – the finishing touch that ties it all together

I love to serve this with a glass of white wine. This vegan friendly Grüner Veltliner is a delicious paring and really compliments the cheesy flavors and hearty herbs.

The Perfect Pairing for this Recipe