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We’ve torn back the label and ventured into the wild to return with this collection of globally crafted wines made with organic grapes. Together, let’s do something kind of wild!




Kind of Wild is a collection of global wine discoveries devoted to regenerating the planet. We partner with top growers around the world farming on healthy soils to craft premium, kinder wines that are certified organic & certified vegan.

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Kinder to the planet, leading to more choice in quality wines that are kindly crafted and kinder to you.

Why we created Kind of Wild

We’ve torn the label back and ventured into the wild to return with this collection of world-class wines made with organic grapes. We’ve all been buying organic produce and other naturally sourced foods. We’ve tasted the difference and felt better for it. But it seems finding exceptional wine made from organic grapes is a little harder. That’s why we started Kind of Wild.

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Supporting<br>Organic Growers

Organic Growers

Supporting organic growers can be part of the climate solution. Healthy, regenerative organic soils are a habitat for infinite microorganisms that draw in and regenerate legacy carbon.

Free of<br>Unwanted Additives

Free of
Unwanted Additives

Consuming organic will reduce your intake of chemical residues. Wines made from organic grapes don’t contain remnants from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides & chemical fertilizers.



Vineyards with organic soils are more sustainable. Healthy soils that are full of proper nutrients and moisture need less water and other resources for plants to produce and thrive.