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Tasting Table Exclusive Interview: Why Katie Lee Is Passionate About Bringing Organic Wine To The Mainstream

Katie Lee knows wine inside and out. She spoke to Tasting Table about her new lineup of bottles and why she cares so much about organic options.

by Erica Andrews 

Can you explain what makes Kind of Wild wine different from other brands?

With Kind of Wild, we are certified organic, zero sugar, and we’re vegan. We took all the things that I was interested in with food and thought about it with wine. For decades, I’ve tried to eat clean, and then the last few years I started thinking more about what I was drinking. I’d gotten to the point, especially after having a child, where I felt like [after] one to two glasses of wine the next day, I felt foggy and had that hazy headache feeling.

It was a real bummer, because I love to drink wine. The more I researched and learned about it, organic wine has less of an effect that way. Kind of Wild is free from any harmful additives or preservatives, so I don’t get that feeling. I can drink it all evening and the next day I feel totally normal. And that is such a bonus for me that I can enjoy myself in the evening and feel good the next day.

As a mom, you want to enjoy yourself in the evening. You’ve worked hard all day, and you want that little bit of normalcy and a reconnection with your old self — to feel social or feel completely antisocial and be by yourself and have a glass. If you have it lingering in the back of your head that you’re not going to feel good the next day because of it, it becomes less enjoyable. To me, this is the ultimate win-win.


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