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These Wine Subscription Services Ensure

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Wine Subscriptions

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If you’re a wine-lover who’s consistently found themselves stumbling around the wine section of Whole Foods wondering what new winery or tasting notes to try out—or what tasting notes even mean—you’re not alone. While many of us enjoy drinking wine with dinner or after a day that seemed to never end, sometimes it can be hard to determine what types of wine to buy. Unless you’re attending a tasting or doing wine-pairings at a restaurant, it can feel risky to buy an entire bottle of wine you might not even like. Lucky for wine-lovers everywhere, though, we rounded up the best wine subscription services for…

The beauty of buying wine online is this: You get to try wines at a lower price than if you were to just go pick a random bottle. Plus, many of these memberships include quizzes or questionnaires that help determine what type of wine you’re likely to enjoy. Your taste in coffee, for instance, can give clues as to which wines you prefer. Sweet, full-bodied, robust—All these types of wine exist, and your preferences in other foods and drinks helps determine what you might like best. Once you try different wines catered to your taste, too, you’re also more likely to guess which types to try from the grocery or liquor store. With a wine subscription service, though, you’re taking some of the guesswork out of it.

These Wine Subscription Services


Kind of Wild Adventure 3-Pack

This is one of my favorite brands to order online. I recently discovered them and the three pack of one red, one rosé and one white is absolutely perfect to launch you into summer. Each wine is made in a different country and each bottle is certified organic and vegan. And yes, the rosé is from France just in case you were in the mood to feel fancy. I’ll drink to that!

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