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The Best Malbecs for 2022

This Malbec will have your palate doing a Tango while you contemplate your next move.



The Malbec grape originates from France but found its spiritual home in the outskirts of Mendoza, a major Argentine city just east of the Andes. From there, it spread south to a vine-growing oasis called the Uco Valley, where it began to truly sing from the soil.

The towering Andes to the west have gifted this land with alluvial runoff — millennia of water and wind erosion loosening the soil and creating alluvial fans. The resulting soil is poor, which grapevines love. The area is also a high desert, meaning elevations can reach up to 4,000 feet above sea level. Here, Malbec gets all the sun it needs to grow and concentrate its fruit while allowing the grapes to maintain good natural acidity.

From deep, dark concentration, to fruit-forward minerality, the Malbecs from the Uco Valley are beloved but there are several other regions making their mark on shelves today. In the list below you’ll find stand-out wines from the Cahors region of southwestern France, where the Malbec grape originates, and two from Oregon’s Rouge Valley, which is paving the way in American Malbec production.

The Best Malbec by VinePair

Kind of Wild Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon

Kind of Wild Wines is a global effort to showcase organic and sustainable winemaking from across the wine world. Created with the intention of showcasing sustainable winemaking around the world, Kind of Wild guarantees a 100-percent organic process for each wine it produces. This Malbec is blended with a touch of Cabernet and has supple and soft herb-infused flavors that give way to a smooth and tasty finish.

Yes, this wine has a touch of Cab in it, but it’s the Malbec that makes the wine. It is soft and supple with a slight herb-forward nose. The palate is also soft with great natural acidity and a nice savory vibe. A win for sustainability and your palate.

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