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The 11 Best Chillable Red Wines for 2022

Looking to please a crowd? This organic and sustainably made Malbec is a delightful savory sip.

The Best Chillable Red Wines by VinePair

WORDS: Jessica Fields 

When the warmest months of summer come around, wine drinkers lean into rosés and crisp white wines. While there’s nothing wrong with those options, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss red wine or turn to it only in the colder months. There are plenty of reds that lend themselves to chilling and can be extremely refreshing.

Choosing the right type of red wine to chill can be tricky but opting for red blends or wines made from varieties with juicy characteristics is a good place to start. Light-bodied grapes such as Gamay and Pinot Noir, for example, deliver bright, fruit-forward flavors, making them ideal for sipping cool. While Malbecs deliver a bit more body, the variety’s spiced notes perfectly complement summer BBQs.

Whatever your preference, there is a world of red wines vying for your attention during the sweltering months. So we’ve gathered a tasty mix of options to cool off with, chosen by VinePair’s tastings director Keith Beavers.

The Best Chillable Red Wines by VinePair

Kind of Wild Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon

Kind of Wild Wines is a global effort to showcase organic and sustainable winemaking from across the wine world. Created with the intention of showcasing sustainable winemaking around the world, Kind of Wild guarantees a 100-percent organic process for each wine it produces. This Malbec is blended with a touch of Cabernet and has supple and soft herb-infused flavors that give way to a smooth and tasty finish.

Looking to please a crowd? This organic and sustainably made Malbec is a delightful savory sip. Bring it along to your next BBQ and serve with crowd favorites like grilled meats or BBQ chicken and salmon. This wine has a touch of Cab in it, but it’s the Malbec that makes the wine. It is soft and supple with a slight herb-forward nose. The palate is also soft with great natural acidity and a nice savory vibe. A win for sustainability and your palate.

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