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Our Kind of Wild Way of Organic Winemaking

Organic wine

Kind of Wild was launched in 2020: a wild time in the world by any standards. Yet perhaps it was also as good a time as ever to launch a concept that connects winemakers and regions from all over the world to wine drinkers. As the first globally sourced, organic, and vegan certified direct-to-consumer wine brand in the USA, Kind of Wild is rooted in a spirit of collaboration. From day one, the goal for founding brothers Adam and Jordan Sager has been to introduce a range of sustainably made wines that are both accessible and delicious. This is the story about our Kind of Wild way of winemaking.

From Argentina to Spain

In days gone by, the craft of winemaking was a pretty solitary endeavor. Winemakers would ordinarily pick grapes grown in their vineyard, turn them into wine, and then bottle them to be sold. It was a one-stop-shop setup. With the introduction of mass production and changing consumer behaviors, the winemaking landscape has become very different. The commercial-based industry means that it can be hard to source a quality, affordable and responsibly-made bottle to enjoy. That’s where Kind of Wild wines come in. Our goal is to help reconnect the wine drinker to the wine source. We focus on global teamwork and integration along each step of our winemaking journey. We have specifically sought out and partnered with the finest winemakers and growers worldwide who share our passion for and commitment to organic farming practices.

Organic wineTake our Tempranillo-Garnacha red blend made in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain for example. Adam reflects on how this first collaboration turned a spark of an idea into a wildfire of a brand: “Jordan and I are passionate about Spanish wine. We wanted one of the first wines we would launch to be an organic Spanish blend.” Thanks to their established network, a family partner quickly introduced the brothers to a producer of organic wines in the region of La Mancha, Spain. Each Kind of Wild wine is a story of connection and collaboration. The Sager brothers are passionate about working with real people and real families.

“To craft the Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon, we worked with third-generation family producers in Mendoza, Argentina. Currently, the youngest generation of the family is leading the winemaking, grape-growing, hospitality, and even olive oil production!” explains Adam. Much like the Spanish red blend, Adam and Jordan wanted to craft something that would pique people’s interest in the variety and area. They opted to use Malbec as the base, which is Argentina’s most popular variety.

“Each wine is a labor of love. We worked closely with the winemaking team and decided to blend 30% Cabernet Sauvignon with 70% Malbec. The vision was to deliver a medium-to-full-bodied wine that could be enjoyed on its own and with grilled foods,” explains Jordan. This winemaking process takes not only dedication but plenty of patience.

“We asked for the Malbec blend to be aged for a few months in oak barrels to soften the tannins and add more structure and depth of flavors.  When we tasted the final wine, we were so impressed we could create such a gem during a pandemic and work from different hemispheres!” reflects Adam.

Organic wine

Working With Our Planet, Not Against It 

As a result, Kind of Wild wine drinkers can enjoy a diverse range of wines. From Austria to Italy, you will truly get an international experience. “We chose to bottle these wines under one brand name even though each wine is distinct and unique to their region, varietal, and winemaker. The focus is on the country, allowing every region to shine,” Jordan states.

Kind of Wild is devoted to “rewilding” the planet through working solely with organic grape growers dedicated to regenerating their soils and aiding environmental health. “Our opening mix of six was chosen from over 40 wines tasted from a dozen producers! We want to take wine drinkers on a global tour of discovery of certified organic wines & vegan that are not only good for you – but good for the planet,” confirms Adam.

While their approach to winemaking may be unconventional, or perhaps Kind of Wild, we’re confident about one thing: connection through wine is possible, and what’s more, it doesn’t have to be hard to come by – not anymore, at least!