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Excited to feature our latest kind of wild friend

Spring Journal: Catching up with Ecologi!


Kind of Wild Wines Partner Ecologi

Published May 10th, 2022

Kind of Wild love our environmental partners and are so excited to feature our latest kind of wild friend – Ecologi – in our Kind of Wild Wines Spring Journal! We recently had a chance to sit down with Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships at Ecologi to talk about some of the really great things they are doing. Check out the conversation below and to learn more about Ecologi, as well as the Kind of Wild Wines forest, click here.

Kind of Wild: How did Ecologi start and what are the main objectives?

Linda Adams: Ecologi was founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK, who were frustrated that many of us were unable to contribute significantly enough to the issue of climate change. In early 2019, our CEO Elliot Coad was on his morning commute to work. He was buying a coffee just as he had done many times before, and asked himself: How much climate action could I fund with the money spent on a coffee?

The answer led to a revelation – that the pocket change that billions of us have would not only be a significant upgrade to our own personal climate contributions, but could also one day account for reducing up to half of the world’s annual emissions.

Kind of Wild Wines: What are the short term and long term goals of Ecologi as it relates to climate solutions?

Linda Adams: Short term: Grow 400% YoY. Long term: Our mission is to reduce 50% of global emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant millions of trees every year. 

Kind of Wild Wines Partner Ecologi

Kind of Wild Wines: Where do you plant your trees and why do you pick these areas of the world?

Linda Adams: We know that planting trees is an excellent way to restore the planet. But, when applying tree-planting as a climate solution, organizations have to take steps to ensure that the work is being done properly. 

For Ecologi, this means planting ecologically appropriate trees in the right places, coordinating with local communities, and ensuring that trees are protected from outside threats (both natural and manmade).We work with a variety of tree-planting partners, which you can read more on here.

One of our main reforestation partners is Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden), who we’ve been working with since the very early days of Ecologi.  To date, they have planted and protected over 830 million trees across 249 project sites!

Kind of Wild Wines: One of the really cool things about Ecologi is the partner dashboard. How has technology supported your mission thus far with features like this?

Linda Adams: Yes definitely, gamification of the platform has been key to us, and has really been what sets us aside from our competitors.

The Ecologi gamification approach

Ecologi attracts and engages people. When it comes to taking climate action, we strive to make sustainability fun and easy for our community. Our product uses these successful gaming techniques that engage our audience and achieve as much climate impact as possible! 

Kind of Wild Wines Partner Ecologi

Kind of Wild Wines: What other environmental action is Ecologi involved in besides reforestation and tree planting programs?

Linda Adams: At Ecologi, we also support carbon reduction projects, our team selects two projects a month for our community to support – you can read more about our projects here.

Kind of Wild Wines: What else should our readers know about your organization?

Linda Adams: We have recently been certified a B Corp!  What is B Corp? B Corporations are businesses like Ecologi. Applying for Certified B Corp status is a rigorous process, where our social and environmental performance is measured and judged. We passed with flying colors!

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