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35 Best Vegan Gifts Of 2021 For All The Plant-Based People In Your Life

And these aren’t just food.

As any plant-based eater can attest, going vegan is fulfilling…but it can also be a bit overwhelming. From having to read ingredient labels really carefully, checking menus before agreeing to dinner plans, and looking up if shoe brands look real or faux leather/fur, being vegan can be a full lifestyle change, depending on where someone lies on the vegan spectrum.

The same goes for choosing the ideal vegan gift for your plant-based bestie or cool aunt. What do you get your loved one who’s cut out all animal products? Hint: Butter cookies or a leather handbag are probably out of the question. If you’re an omnivore trying to give a plant-based eater a great present this year, don’t worry—you don’t have to spend endless hours searching the internet for the best vegan-centric gifts.

From shopping for the fearless chef to the takeout-loving foodie who’s never heard the word “aquafaba” before, pick up Afro-Vegan or a tofu press to help expand their kitchen hack and recipe repertoire. For those plant-based peeps who might be craving some sweet vegan treats at every hour of the day and night (I mean…who doesn’t?), check out this box of vegan chocolates for delicious, cruelty-free snacking.

But, being vegan also goes beyond just food (as they’ve probably reminded you). Consider cruelty-free beauty products, sustainable clothing brands, and veggie-friendly kitchen appliances, too. There are tons of items out there that you might not even know aren’t vegan, so they’ll really feel special if you get them something like a cruelty-free candlebath bomb, or perfume that’ll show you put a lot of thought in to their present.

Without further ado, see below for the 35 best unique and thoughtful gifts the vegans in your life will love.

While you can’t go wrong with a bottle of rosé, it’s a lesser-known fact that not all wine is vegan. Kind of Wild’s delicious rose, red, and white wines check all the vegan boxes, and the brand is sure to be a new favorite for anyone in your life who’s lucky enough to taste it. Grab this pack and keep a couple bottles for yourself or gift them all three-cheers!

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